FiberSweet® is a mixture of all natural high fiber sweetening ingredients produced from a varity of plants. FiberSweet addresses the consumer who wants to increase fiber consumption and reduce intake of calories and sugar, while not compromising sweet taste.

"Vegan, Kosher, Halal"

"Stevia, Aspartame and Saccharin FREE"

Replace sugar naturally with FiberSweet. ZERO calories and ZERO net carbs. Twice as sweet as sugar, suitable for Diabetics, great for cooking and baking. Unlike other sugars, FiberSweet does not promote tooth decay."Stevia, Aspartame and Saccharin FREE"

All-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free FiberSweet is good for you, tastes and looks exactly like sugar with no nasty after taste, is safe for children of all ages as well as women during pregnancy and add in a big smile from parents because unlike other sugars, FiberSweet does not promote tooth decay.

FiberSweet is natural, healthy and has health benefits for teeth, bones, is anti-fungal and probiotic for healthy digestive bacteria. Sugar wreaks havoc on the body while FiberSweet heals and repairs. FiberSweet builds immunity, helps preserve muscle and breaks down fat during exercise. FiberSweet does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels, has antimicrobial actions that decrease bacteria associated with tooth decay and ear infections, aids in the repair of damaged tooth enamel, reduces plaque formation. With probiotics and antifungals, FiberSweet can be used as part of a Candida diet to replace other sugars.

FiberSweet can be used as sugar substitute, table top sweetener, in baking, ice cream, fruit preserves, confectionery and everywhere where else sugar is used.

FiberSweet delivers sweet success to food manufactures:
* "Foods using FiberSweet® as a sugar substitute do not promote tooth decay."
FiberSweet is a well-balanced formulation of ingredients that together accommodate the many factors that traditional sweeteners add to a product, including sweetness, viscosity, solubility, density, mouth feel, water attracting properties, color, browning, freezing point depression and boiling point rise and is safe to use in unlimited quantities.

Because FiberSweet also operates as a flavor mask, suppressing the bitter or flat aftertaste of certain ingredients, such as potassium, soy or vitamin fortifications, manufacturers can use less of other flavors to balance the taste profile. Simultaneously, FiberSweet is a flavor potentiator, increasing the perceived intensity of the flavor of other ingredients in a formula.

When combined with FiberSweet, manufactures can use less ingredients while still creating a sugar flavor sensation and create additional health properties for the finished product . When it comes to sweetener alternatives, FiberSweet delivers sweet results to any recipe.


Cooking and Baking with FiberSweet
FiberSweet is the perfect sugar substitute for those on a Low Carb Diet or for anyone trying to avoid sugar, on a GFCF diet, LOD or Candida diet. Welcome back sweet treats, pies, candies, chocolates, cookies, and cakes, oh YES! These are just a few of the Guilt-free pleasures that await you. Sounds to good to be true and will taste to good to be true also.

High temperature cooking and baking with FiberSweet is not a problem. However, FiberSweet does not feed yeast like other sugars so using FiberSweet in recipes that need yeast to raise like bread may turn out flat.

Go to  FiberSweet ® for information.


Go to  FiberSweet ® for information.

*FiberSweet® products are allowed by the FDA to make the medical claim:
  "Foods using FiberSweet® as a sugar substitute do not promote tooth decay."
  "That unlike other sugars FiberSweet® does not promote dental cavities."
  "FiberSweet® does not promote tooth decay."
  "Consumption of foods high in sugars and starches promotes tooth decay. FiberSweet®, unlike other sugars, does not promote tooth decay."

FiberSweet ® is a brand name registered trademark of AU Foods™.